Himby is an association born in 2020.
Its aim is translating knowledge related to climate change into generative social tools.

We are anthropologists, experts in social activation and participatory methodologies, partners from social sciences, with a wealth of study experience and field research competences dedicated to environmental cultures.

Our scientific committee includes professors engaged with environmental education and socio-cultural aspects of climate change, from the University of Milan-Bicocca and the University of Bergamo.


Mission and Methodology

Our goal is the participation of citizens in a process of cultural and social change that we believe is essential to address the current climate emergency.

The methodologies and perspectives we use rely on tools and practical knowledge typical of cultural anthropology and social sciences, including  methods of group activation and group training.

We developed a model of research-action and community activation, based on the sharing of perceptions, representations and experiences by the participants. Our model is a flexible path that we necessarily adapt to each different social and territorial contexts where we are called to intervene.

What we do?

We propose a toolbox of social activation and animation to institutions, policy makers, schools, civil society, associations, local urban and rural communities.

Our toolbox is understood as a cultural and social process, rather than a merely technological tool, aimed at favoring the ecological transition.


Cycles of structured workshops based on the active participation and adapted to local contexts, institutions and companies.


Group training on the social and cultural dimensions of climate change impacts; Training on the causes and generative solutions of accelerated environmental changes.


We create and co-develop projects with significant social impact in the environmental and cultural fields.

News, events and articles

Who we are?

Become a member

HIMBY is a Social Promotion Association. Joining HIMBY means joining the association and obtaining the rights and duties provided for by the Statute. The annual membership fee is 20 euros. For information on how to join and participate, do not hesitate to contact us.

HIMBY – Hot In My Backyard | Associazione di Promozione Sociale
via Natale Battaglia 36, Milano – CF.97873240150

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